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Holy Week & Easter Schedule 2018


Tuesday to Wednesday           Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

Tuesday, March 27                   Prayer Shawl Ministry                                                    1: 00 PM

Wednesday, March 28            Altar Server Practice for Good Friday                          5:30 PM

                                                   Altar Server Practice for Holy Thursday                        7:00 PM

Thursday, March 29                  Parish Office Closed

                                                   Carpool to  Holy Thursday Chrism Mass                       9:00 AM
                                                        (Mass at Blessed Sacrament Cathedral 10 AM)

                                                   Church Decorating - Setup of Altar of Repose         12:30 PM

                                                   Mass of the Lord's Supper                                              7:00 PM               

                                                         Adoration - Faith Formation Building                till 12 Midnight

Friday, March 30                      Celebration of the Passion of the Lord                         3:00 PM

                                                   Stations of the Cross                                                       7:00 PM          

Saturday, March 31                 Church Decorating                                                        8:00 AM

                                                  Altar Server Practice for Holy Saturday Easter Vigil     9:30 AM 

                                                  Blessing of Easter Baskets                                            12:00 noon

                                                  Blessing of Easter Baskets                                                3:00 PM

                                                  Easter Vigil Mass                                                               8:30 PM

Sunday, April 1                        Easter Mass                                                                       9:00 AM

                                                  Easter Mass                                                                     11:00 AM



Good Friday is a day of Fasting and Abstinence.  Abstinence from meat applies to Catholics who are at least 14 years of age.  The requirement to fast applies to Catholics, 18 to 59 years of age.  Only one full meal allowed plus two lesser meals and nothing in between.